Erase darkness.

Ever could she know

she was blindfold to her way of life,

discerning herself the cause of persisting.

he swivels to the sunbeam,

raising her face up,

she eternally wanted to shatter dullness in her

that seems to be her weakness

for what people never made her feel glowing

She searches for the ray,

The ray of her life,

The ray of hope, the ray to ruin her darkness.

She is broken inside, has lost her hope to revive, and yet to wake up smiling the next day

Brightest of daylight and still seems all dark,

‘was told to spend ages with the hurricane eyes all her life

happily after, the storm has welt high,

Caressing her face, streaming her mind,

Swishing into her concealed mind,

As the lamp comes to her faculty of sight,

She knew, was actual source of light,

mending all broken pieces to survive,

The ray she was thoroughly scrutinizing for has always been within,

for she has always been the star enfold in the skin of life!


I firmly believe the idea of link between ‘strength of the soul’ and ‘affliction’,

I firmly believe that you get the love you’ve destined, either in part, with labels upon, differently, or either as a whole, throughout your life, by your side.


She was a book

with some flurries and sensations,

with spacious eyes, fuller lips.

With heavy, confused heart

and much underrated, colourful mind

Little nervous to divulge her sufferings!

She was unlike others

with some imperfections and faults

yet being attractive!

Most of people didn’t even bothered reading

after chapter ONE

And the rest of them didn’t understood.

Happy Mother’s Day!❤️

Well, I can never write enough about this.

Indeed, Everyday is a Mother Day!

A mother is always strong.

Dude, she’s never wrong.

She is the one who gives you life,

And you are the one who is her life.

She is always ready to give upon herself and her dreams,

But she can never accept to give upon you and your dreams.

Truly, Mothers are precious

without them we would be fatuous.

She can cry whole night without letting anyone know about phase,

She wish to see everyone happy even if she is in pain.

She is motivational and she is beautiful,

She is never disruptive but helpful.

You must always show love, respect and trust and patience,

She is ONE soul above all others.

Her loving presence always felt,

Only a smile, and her heart melts!

For making others gratified , she never fails,

Keeping her family hauling on brails!

She’ll support you when you’re down,

you say, you need a friend and she’ll stick around!

She may never pokes or pries,

but she would prefer standing quietly by your side.

She is ravishing, she is caring.

She is supportive, she is sensitive.

She is friendly, she is lovely.

A mother, like no other!

“And I was never sure..

..whether you were the

Comfort or grief”

The lamps of love got extinguished

The dreams that our eyes wove concertedly,

It went away but still remained

Neither I nor you are unfaithful

then why so many grievances arose

how come these distances happened between us as baleful

After putting my head on your shoulder

I slept for a while

The world was searching for me

I was strayed for a little while

On getting a small jerk, broke in just an instant

Were all those promises made of glass?

What kind of blithe was that

Its a spark of detachment,

what a flame it is!

As we changed our paths,

All the roads are vacated

The eyes now remain full of tears

In what sort of discomfort has this heart drowned

I don’t know what has happened

because of which our destinations are separated

Why does it find itself on an unsure path

this pain of heart only makes me wail.



you never felt what I used to feel every single day

Say you never ever made me seem to be special

you’re still a strange to all my moles

Say you never proclaimed my body as

your temple

Say you’ve never felt my scars

with your lips

Or never did you feel my pain when

I clung to your shirt and cried.

Say you never really cared about anything

Say our heartbeats never synced

nor as one, we ran out of breath.

From hiding myself with the sheets

Till finding them futile,

Say you never made love to me.

From yelling and crying

Till keeping always silent,

Say you don’t know me

And I mean nothing to you.


about nothing

but denial.