No feelings have died. Trust me, I never lied.

I’m sorry that this is how it’s turned out,

Sorry if you ever think I doubt

I’m sorry if I can’t tell you I do care,

Sorry if you think I never share

I’m sorry if I’m pushing you away,

For I knew deep inside I want you to stay

Weeping in despair I slept

I apologize, for the promise that wasn’t kept

I’m hurting you for so long

I know what I’ve done is wrong

And I deplorably wonder,”what went wrong?”

Your smile never fade away is what I pray

I’ve lost something precious today!


Let go?

Let go off everything that’s hurting you. Let go off the people, the feelings, the hurt, the bond, let go all of it. That’s what we counsel to people we love right?

I read this quote some time back that the effortless way to stay happy is to let go off of the things that hurt you but genuinely speaking is letting go that easy? Can you let go all that which is hurting you in a moment?

Firstly, if something’s hurting you, it shows it is important to you or you’re either too attached to it and that is what awfully affects letting go. If talking about a person who’s hurting you, you cannot just let go off those feelings you had or the memories y’all shared nor those 2am talks , no one can ever let that go easily and that’s the truth. So I guess instead of ‘let go’ one should just say ‘accept it’.

Accept whatever that has happened and whatever that has been hurting you. Accept how it is because that’s the best possible way to stay happy. Just not blaming any thing or any situation nor any person and accepting all that happened, all the good memories, all the bad memories, everything! And I guess accepting comes with learning, one has to accept while learning from the situation, making sure it does not repeat again and I also feel it is very important to even realise that you’re in a situation where you need to learn and accept rather than to complain or cry over it.

Well, I do not know why I wrote this. Predominantly everything happens for a reason, just learn to accept things because before letting go comes accepting.

Sunshine Blogger Award.

Hey there!

I’ve been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you Riman Ray for the nomination. 🙂


• Thank the blogger and provide link to their blog.

• Put the award logo.

• Answer the questions.

• Nominate other bloggers.


• Describe yourself in three lines.

⁃ Umm, three lines? Three words would be more elucidatory🙂 A Bibliophile,Tenacious,good-for-nothing😂

• What is your that personality trait which you would like to change in yourself ?

⁃ I don’t know😂 (What do you want me to change?😛)

• What are the first three things you always notice in a person?

⁃ Posture.

• Place you love to travel?

⁃ I prefer woodland.🤩

• What inspires you to write?

⁃ Inspiration is everywhere.🙃

• What are the three things which you would like to do in your life atleast for once?

⁃ Stargaze all night. Visit a haunted place. And obviously, Bungee jumping!🤩

• Who is your favourite writer?

⁃ (I can’t consider only one as my favourite, I love whatever I read.) 🙃

• What are your hobbies other than blogging?

⁃ Shopping🤩

• What you have learned from your life till now?

⁃ I have learned many things. I’ll list few: 1.If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. 2.Friends come and go. 3.Money doesn’t buy happiness. 4.Smile saves us from questions. 5.We rise by lifting others.

• What’s your favourite post that you’ve published?

⁃ (I would like to know it from you. What’s your favourite post that I’ve published?)🙂

• What’s your favourite comfort food?

⁃ Pizza!🙊🤩😍


Bharath Upendra👻



Same questions to the nominees.

She knows..

She has that genre of heart

That wants to heal splintered things.

That wants to mend everything.

That wants to affix ruptured bonds.

No matter if she herself get broken in the process

Or she be labelled lunatic

Or she lowered herself in other’s eyes.

She knows how to heal.

She knows how to deal.

PS:(Repost, as it was mistakenly deleted)

Dear best friend,

I remember the day we met, I had no sense our bond will end for vapid reasons. I always cared for you ,no matter what. The time not long ago, we were so close and now you just waved me off with a goodbye. I thought I was loyal but I was lacking, I’ve been wrong for, you ended this all. But for sure, nothing was wilfully done. You criticize me in every single thing, You blame me for many cause even when there was no fault of mine but yet I was okay with it. Maybe I don’t deserve fellowships. Though it all happened, I still hope someday you will discern I wasn’t wrong. It’s anomalous how a moment is enough to split years of bonding only because you marked it was better to quit, that day I had to believe ‘nothing lasts forever’. I still remember how you used to get irritate when I ask you to smile every single minute. I miss everything, I miss us. I can’t do anything except recalling all those things ,Tears roll down when I recollect your face. If I wanted to hurt you ever I wouldn’t have been writing this now. I’m sorry It was all my fault that whatever I did was not enough for you to have trust on me. Again, maybe I deserve this all. I wish if you could read this someday.


I see you walk

Holding hands with paradox

Wondering deep rumination

Shutting down your eyes

with every eye contact

And dreaming of someone to read them.

What makes a person cry?

•You desperately want to share something but you’ve no one to share with.

•You put on all your efforts for your goals and don’t achieve those.

•You give everything to someone yet they complain.

•You’re right and you can’t prove it.

•You give your best yet people make you feel guilty.

•You truly love someone and they take you for granted.

•You really care for someone and they just don’t value it.

•You try to make them smile and they just hurt you one more time.

•You try to fix up issues yet they wrangle even more.

•You are special for someone today and unwanted the next day.

•You work hard on everything still they tag you as useless

People really never worth anyone’s tears, for sometime when they see you wailing they will come to you, console you, they will say that they will support you and will always endure by your side. But those expressions will stay for a short while. After that they won’t even ask you ‘How are you feeling now?’. I didn’t mean everyone do this but most of them surely do. Exception occurs here too. Besides when you realize something big and are proud of yourself, people come to you, eulogize your effort, few really do, I repeat ‘few’. Most seldom they hide envy inside them. They keep thinking why can’t I do this. For this, better way is to stay little away from such peoples. When you feel they’re trying to make you feel low or insulting, just give them a smile and thank them and move ahead cause you just have to ignore them. Wrangling issues should be leave to fate, we keep sorting out and don’t even know we’re hurting ourself. When you’ve none to share something with, just close your eyes and speak out whatever you want to.. God listens! And I guess, there’s no need of anyone then.